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Your success is our success! We don’t charge anything for brands and creators to sign up and use the marketplace. We only take a small fee for successful campaigns.

Self-Service for Podcasters

We only receive a small percentage when you get paid

0% Sign Up Fee
10% Service Fee

We bring podcasters amazing sponsorships, smart tools, security and peace of mind along with super fast payment processing so that you can focus on doing what you love.

What Podcasters Get:

Access to monetization opportunities, ability to set rates, direct communications with brands, sponsorship management tools, secure workrooms, quick and reliable payouts, 24/7 support.

Self-Service for Brands

Pay only when content is approved

0% Listing Fee
10% Service Fee

Branded content should be affordable for all brands, which is why you control your costs by setting your own budget.

What Brands Get:

Podcaster discovery, ability to set your own budgets, direct communication with podcasters, campaign management tools and seamless workflows, content review and approval rights, payment protection, brand safety, 24/7 support.


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