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We’re experts at creator and brand collaborations, using tech and data to connect podcasters and brands to create, distribute, and influence listeners natively.

Easiest way for brands and podcasters to connect.

Podcorn centralizes monetization and consolidates independent podcasters, agencies and brands under one roof, giving more choice to brands and podcasters to find the right fit.

More authentic and effective content choices.

From organic host-read integrations and interview segments, to topical discussions and product reviews, Podcorn specializes in native branded integrations that resonate with listeners.

Transparency and creative freedom.

No hidden fees. No exclusivities. Podcorn eliminates the middleman, giving brands and podcasters more value, transparency, freedom and control.

Podcasters, get paid to include native ads in your podcast, on your terms.

Whether podcasting is your passion or profession, Podcorn is the easiest way to earn money through branded content deals. Browse opportunities, pitch yourself to brands, set your rates, and retain your creative freedom.

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