Get Your Brand Heard

Sponsoring podcasts couldn't be easier.

  • Control Your Spend

    There’s no cost to sign up and create a campaign. You pay nothing until you find the perfect podcasters and hire them. And you always have control over your budget!

  • Brand Safety

    Your sponsorship, your way! Communicate with podcasters directly, provide brand guidelines, review and approve sponsorships, and ask for edits to get it just right.

  • Payment Protection

    We hold your payment securely in escrow throughout the entire campaign. And you only pay for completed sponsorships. If something goes wrong, your money is safe!

We have podcasters to broadcast your brand story.

Find the Right Voices -

Get matched to podcasts that fit your brand.

Podcorn uses a relevancy algorithm that helps brands find the perfect podcasters. The algorithm adjusts with each campaign by analyzing and recommending the best performing podcasters for your brand over time.

Seamless Workflows -

One dashboard to start, run and scale campaigns.

Hire and schedule sponsorships on a single or recurring basis, communicate with podcasters directly, approve and distribute content, and more - all without ever leaving podcorn!

Extend Your Reach -

Drive listener engagement and grow customers.

From co-hosted interviews to expert panel discussions, native brand integrations in podcasts take engagement to a higher level by making your brand part of the conversation vs a disruption.