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Podcorn is free to sign up, receive and browse proposals from interested podcasters. We have podcasters for almost any budget.

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Podcasts are built around niche audiences, diverse topics and interests. Join conversations organically and reach your target market where visual media can’t.

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No hidden fees. No exclusivities. Podcorn eliminates the middleman, giving brands and podcasters more value, transparency, freedom and control.

Launch a campaign in minutes and start receiving ad proposals from
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Tap into a new generation of influential voices customers trust.
A partnership with the right podcaster feels more like a recommendation from a trusted friend vs a disruptive ad.

Receive proposals from podcasters that are already excited about your brand.

One dashboard to start, run and scale campaigns.

Hire and schedule sponsorships on a single or recurring basis, communicate with podcasters directly, approve and distribute content, and more - all without ever leaving Podcorn!

Communicate with podcasters directly, tailor campaigns to your guidelines, and control what content gets distributed. We hold your money securely in escrow and only release it to podcasters for approved content.

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Common Questions

  • How much does it cost for brands to use Podcorn?

    Podcorn is completely free for brands to sign up, deploy campaigns, and start to receive proposals from interested podcasters. Brands get to set their own budget and spend as much or as little as they want. We only charge a small 10% fee when you hire a podcaster. For example, if you hire a podcaster for $100, the actual charge upon the completed campaign will be $110. When a brand hires a podcaster the funds are automatically held securely in escrow and released only once the content has been reviewed and approved by the brand. This protects both parties involved as we can be sure that podcasters get paid for the work that they do and brands get the content they expect.

  • How does Podcorn ensure brand safety?

    Nothing happens without your review and approval. Brands have transparency and control every step of the way and there’s no middle man! Brands get to choose which podcasters they want to hire and once hired a workroom opens up where the brand and podcasters can communicate with podcasters directly and send podcasters, creative assets and any talking points prior to the recording being created. Once podcasters record their content, Podcorn requires for podcasters to submit their content for brand review and approval. Brands can request edits if needed.

  • How can I ensure to see the highest conversion on my campaign?

    Generally, the most organic the brand integration the better. We recommend for brands to provide basic talking points about their brand, product highlights, how it works, etc but we recommend to stay away from scripts. Instead, give podcasters as much creative freedom as possible to integrate your brand into their episode in a native way that fits with their unique voice and listeners. Another way to help position your campaign for success is to diversify your budget to include a mix of podcasters of all sizes (small, medium, large) vs betting it all on just one or two creators.