We don’t create podcast ads. We create branded conversations.

Leverage our full-service options for maximum impact - We’ll take care of everything from start to finish.

Strategy +

No two businesses or campaigns are alike. Whether you want to drive awareness or increase sales, we deliver a custom content plan for your brand.

Expert Podcaster Curation

We combine tech with human expertise to deliver the most influential podcasters to create the most engaging and episodically relevant content to drive results for your brand.

Guaranteed Metrics

We’re experts at branded content and know how to drive results. Every campaign is structured around guaranteed deliverables so you have nothing to lose.

Strategy, Curation, And Creative Tailored To Your Goals.

Custom Podcaster Selection - We curate. You Approve.

From demographic based listener targeting to the most influential voices based on podcast category, niche expertise and vertical - we combine tech, data and expertise to intentionally target the right listeners in the right moments.

Authentic and Actionable Content. Be part of the conversation.

Our campaigns deliver the most relevant brand and product integrations including Creative Brand Endorsements,Topical Segments, Product and Service Reviews, Branded Interviews - conveying your brand values in a way that is more likely to resonate.

Full Transparency and Brand Safe Execution - Brand-first protection guaranteed.

We handle every step of the process from campaign planning and curation to content delivery and post campaign tracking and reporting. We oversee each campaign to ensure that it aligns with your brand guidelines and messaging.

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More Ways To Work With Us

Self-Service: No matter your size or budget, our self-service platform makes it easy to create a campaign in minutes, receive proposals, hire podcasters you like, and collaborate directly in a secure platform on your terms.

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Common Questions

  • What is the minimum spend to use Podcorn Full-Service?

    The starting spend commitment to use Podcorn full-service is $10K.

  • What is included with Podcorn Full-Service?

    Your dedicated campaign strategists will oversee the entire process of campaign execution from inception to completion to meet your guaranteed campaign deliverables. Podcorn full-service includes custom campaign strategy and content planning, podcaster curation, full campaign management, guaranteed deliverables, and 30 day post campaign tracking and reporting.

  • How does Podcorn ensure brand safety and brand alignment?

    Nothing happens without your review and approval. We only engage podcasters that you approve and only go live with content you like. You can also request content edits if needed. Your brand’s safety comes first.