Podcorn Analytics Prefix Documentation

What is it

Podcorn is a platform for podcast creators to monetize their content. In order to properly compensate a podcast creator for their content, Podcorn's analytics prefix platform integrates directly with your podcast hosting provider so that Podcorn can know exactly how your podcast performs, and in return, help you capture the maximum value from our network of advertisers.

How to install

Podcorn's analytics prefix is the first point of entry when a listener goes to listen to your podcast. The prefix sits in front of your episode's download URL (MP3), and thus, each time a listen occurs, the Podcorn prefix logs the request for processing, so that the Podcorn platform knows how many listeners your podcast episodes receive. All major hosting providers have support for analytics prefixes.

The easiest way to get the Podcorn prefix installed on your podcast is by visiting your analytics settings page or by emailing your hosting provider with the following:

To: support@your-hosting-provider.com
Subject: Adding Podcorn.com Analytics Prefix
Hi Support,

I need to add the Analytics Prefix from Podcorn.com to my podcast. The URL Prefix is
The documentation for this prefix is available here: https://podcorn.com/analytics-prefix/.


Once you email your hosting provider, they will take care of installing it for you, and the Podcorn platform will be automatically notified.


Podcorn is able to gather insights about your podcast's performance and analytics by adding a simple redirect to the podcast episodes in your RSS feed.

The listeners of your podcast will maintain the same exact seamless user experience, and your podcast will continue to be hosted on your existing hosting provider. Your users will not experience any noticeable delay, and episodes will continue to stream and download the exact same as they did before the prefix was installed.

The Podcorn prefix is supported by a globally distributed cloud infrastructure that supports blazing fast response times, and 99.9% uptime.